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We Share Our Favorite Benefits of Joining Phi Beta Lambda

The easiest and best way to network with students who have similar interests is joining a student organization. It can help you with your career, hobby or anything that you are passionate about. Our school brings in past graduates to share their experiences about what they learned while in school as well as on the job. This is a wonderful time for a new student to connect with a potential job source. A few alumni have been successful in the aide of finding internships for current students.

Sadie Hebert

The exposure to your career choice will be great. If you are a website development major, you will be exposed to other students who are website development majors, as well as professional from your field during PBL competitions. It is also a time where you might discover that your current major is not the one for you.

Amy Baldwin

As a student you want to learn how to talk to other people from different walks of life. You need to be a good communicator whether you’re interviewing for a job, dealing with employees, or talking with friends and family. By joining the MGCCC - Perk PBL Chapter, your communication skills will improve simply and your confidence will grow.

Kimberly Farmer

By joining our PBL Chapter, you will learn what it takes to be a good leader. Every chapter has officer positions that are in charge of fundraisers, marketing, running meetings, etc. One day, you could be an officer! The MGCCC – Perk PBL Chapter will also teach you the value of responsibility and teamwork, as well as how to set and achieve goals. Most importantly, you will also learn to balance education and organizational work.

Tyler Johnson

College is not just about making money and earning a 4.0. Grade Point Average It is about building lasting friendships and having fun. By joining the MGCCC - Perk PBL Chapter, you get a chance to meet people and build good friendships. Another benefit is the chance to go on organizational field trips for a fun-filled day. Our Chapter went to the Jackson County Campus’ Estuarine Education Center!

Jodie Tran

Sharing your time and talents by joining your local PBL Chapter, shows an interest to be involved in extracurricular activities and your involvement can be highlighted on your resume. Potential employers and graduate schools will look at your involvement and see a person who is not afraid to take initiative.

Janet Rogers

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